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What Makes Our Adult Student Math Textbooks Unique

Our adult student math textbooks are written by adult educators to help both instructors and students. They provide instructors with relevant, high-quality content to assist them in guiding and engaging their students. For students, these resources can help them stay focused and motivated with easy-to-follow, learner-centered content. 

How Our Math Books Help Learners


These adult student math resources effectively help learners to

  1. Avoid losing their math instructions and assignments.
  2. Develop mathematical reasoning.
  3. Improve their math thinking skills.
  4. Practice real-world math ideas and problems.
  5. Discuss math with their classmates.
  6. Define and understand key math concepts and terminologies.
  7. Study relevant standards.
  8. Reflect on their learning and progress.
  9. Practice test-taking skills.
  10. Review math lessons and instructions as necessary.

How Our Math Books Help Instructors


Furthermore, these math teaching tools enable instructors to

  1. Maximize teaching time.
  2. Save planning time and energy.
  3. Spend less time making copies.
  4. Offer step-by-step instructions.
  5. Cover all key standards.
  6. Collect students’ feedback.
  7. Assess students’ progress.
  8. Promote good test-taking skills.
  9. Assign work and assignments.
  10. Facilitate class discussions.

To learn more, click this link to view and download our book catalog. If you want to offer feedback or need more details on our adult student math textbooks, please feel free to email us at teamcbl@coachingforbetterlearning.com.

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