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What Do You Know about the Personal Learning Cloud?

As companies continue evolving, so do the crucial leadership skills they require. However, organizations spend billions of dollars yearly to train employees yet remain unsatisfied with the results. In an Harvard Business Review article, Mihnea Moldoveanu and Das Narayandas argued that the clash of company and employee goals is one of the main reasons for this. Other reasons include the lack of interpersonal skills being taught and the rare application of acquired skills. The solution, Moldoveanu and Narayandas suggest, is the “Personal Learning Cloud” (PLC).

PLC consists of an increasing number of online educational platforms and tools that customize content according to learners’ and their organizations’ needs. Traditionally, only institutions like business schools and training consultants offered employee development programs. However, online course providers and other fledglings are now joining the game.

Three Major Trends in the Personal Learning Cloud

As the PLC continues growing, here are some important trends to note:

  1.     Companies are paying less to organize in-house training for their employees. One study found that there are 4,000 corporate universities in the United States and over twice that number worldwide. As a result, more executives can be trained effectively at an affordable cost.
  1.     There is a decrease in employee development programs taking place in classrooms. Unlike what classroom-based programs traditionally offer, companies are requesting programs that focus on the skills that executives can apply, such as communication proficiency.
  1.     The PLC is moving away from “one-size-fits-all” programs. Learning environments are now customizable, so chief human resource officers and chief learning officers can select the modules that best suit learners’ needs and their roles in their organizations.


“It’s a 21st-century form of on-the-job learning.” – Mihnea Moldoveanu and Das Narayandas, Harvard Business Review

The world of professional development is evolving and becoming more accessible, personalized and relevant for learners thanks to the PLC. With an increasing number of education providers joining the industry, coupled with evolving education models, companies can ensure their executives receive proper leadership training to face present and future issues.

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