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Top 15 Career Development Predictions for 2022

Career development is a part of everyone’s life. The only thing that differs is the pace at which it happens. Some people might need to walk more miles than others, but in the end, every person will get to where they want to be with enough effort and dedication. It’s just a matter of keeping up with career developments in 2022 and beyond as the work world continues to evolve. 

With technology developing each day, hundreds of new opportunities are created around us. These can range from advancements in robotics to breakthroughs in healthcare. Predictions help us to adapt based on upcoming trends. Hence, here is a list of career development predictions for 2022.

Top Career Development Predictions for 2022

1. The Year of the Freelancer     

A large part of the workforce will be freelancers, thanks to remote work. Careers that were once tied to offices and set schedules are now being done by freelancers from home or co-working spaces. In ten years, the Freelancing in America Survey projects that freelancers will make up 50.9% of the U.S. workforce. In other words, the future of work will be centered on remote working.

2. The Rise of Disability Equality for All

People living with disabilities are likely to have more suitable work conditions and equal treatment in 2022. In fact, working-age persons with disabilities had an employment-to-population ratio of 33.2 percent in October 2021, up from 29.2 percent in October 2020.

The rise in equality is due to the growth in healthcare benefits and a focus on work-from-home opportunities. Hiring managers are also making adjustments as they realize the importance of diverse workforces. 

3. Less Travel 

Technology upgrades are making traveling unnecessary in a lot of instances. With virtual conferences and other forms of communication widely available, professionals can reduce their traveling time while still participating in meetings.

4. Remote Work

Organizations are already retraining employees to work remotely. Thus, we can expect more companies to hire workers who can contribute from any location using video conferencing and other platforms.

This means that workplace conditions are also expected to grow less strict. For example, there will be a higher demand for flexible working hours so employees will be able to set their own schedules.

5. Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for our daily jobs will become more mainstream in 2022. AI is currently in practice in many big organizations like Google and Facebook. We can expect that it will soon start to become a part of our regular work.  

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6. Advancing Gender Equality in the Workplace

In 2022, we expect that there will be more progress toward gender equality in the workplace. In fact, this trend is already underway as more mothers seek employment

7. Automation of Work

As more companies invest in automation, we can expect to see significant workforce changes across the globe. Repetitive and non-repetitive jobs will be automated using IoT devices and software.

Many white-collar workers who use paper files for their records will soon switch to only soft copies. Also, more office tasks will be automated. This is because systems pick up data much faster than humans.

8. More Accountable Leadership

People are growing tired of unskilled leaders who do anything to stay in power. The Great Resignation of 2021 has caused leadership qualities to become more valued than ever before. 

A rise in accountable leadership is expected, which means that employers will work together with employees for mutual growth instead of just for value generation. Moreover, anyone who wants to attain–or retain–a leadership position must show they are willing to take action when necessary. 

9. Workplace Collaboration

Employees and employers are realizing that they cannot operate alone. Therefore, organizations are investing more time and money into building and maintaining teams. 

Take advantage of this climate to work with a team and develop your leadership skills, regardless of your role within the company.

10. Higher Salaries and Living Wages

Thanks to the Great Resignation, unfair wages have come into the spotlight so employers are now paying higher wages.

We expect that it will be difficult for companies to find talent in certain areas. This means that there will be an increased need to retain talent. Ask for what you’re worth, whether applying for a new job or re-evaluating your current position.

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11. A Focus on Career Development Skills

You will see a continued rise in essential skills that include the following:

  • Financial planning
  • Technological skills
  • Decision-making
  • Mindfulness
  • Management of teams or people
  • Budgeting/financial management

Employers will begin offering opportunities for workers to maintain and expand these skills. They may offer more employer-developed courses or focus on this development during on-the-job training.

12. A Shift in Corporate Benefits Package      

In 2012, 5% of companies offered a telecommuting policy. In 2022, this percentage will double as more companies recognize the importance of different work environments to keep valued employees. More people will also begin using their vacation time instead of sick leave due to changing perceptions of policies.

13. Tuition Programs Provided by Employers

As college tuition rates increase each year, more companies are likely to offer employees partial or full tuition reimbursement. This is especially true for non-degree courses that will allow workers to remain relevant. 

14. Tipping the Scales

There is a growing sense of empowerment among workers that they can successfully break into markets outside their current industry. The leaner the job market grows, the more opportunities for entry-level positions in new industries.

Employers will begin to offer training opportunities rather than requiring employees to have degrees in particular areas. Workers can enjoy a competitive edge if they can successfully bridge their skill set with industries in short supply. 

15. Technology in Job Searches

Technology has transformed the way we complete many of our daily tasks, including how we look for jobs. Gone are the days when it was necessary to create a time-consuming paper résumé by hand and then physically mail or deliver it to potential employers. In its place is a new way that makes résumés more customizable and easier to create.

Final Thoughts

Employers are more interested than ever before in attracting new talent. As online platforms evolve, recruiting will expand beyond social media and job boards. It will include an increased focus on mobile technology. 

With new advances allowing professionals to connect with prospective employers through their smartphones, the world of career development will continue to shift toward an increasingly digitized landscape. Don’t get left behind. Develop your adaptability skills and embrace the changes. 


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