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Top 10 Proven Tips to Nail Your Remote Job Interview

For many of us, remote job interviews are even more nerve-wracking than meeting someone facetoface. With concerns about technology failing and your Wi-Fi connection not being strong enough, there’s a lot to consider when preparing for a remote job interview. Let’s take a look at the top tips that will help you nail your remote job interview this year.

1. Prepare for the interview.

Just as you would prepare for an in-person interview, plan for your virtual interview as well. Research the company and run through common interview questions ahead of your meeting. You can also check out this CBL post for more tips on preparing for an interview.

2. Think of questions to ask the interviewer.

At the end of the interview, you’ll usually be given time to ask questions about the company. Make sure you come up with a few questions in advance so you don’t sit there like a fish out of water at the end of a great interview.

3. Test your Wi-Fi connection.

If your Internet has been slow recently, head to a reliable website to check your Internet speed. PCMag suggests using a site like Speedtest.net and running a speed test.

4. Set up your Zoom account.

For anyone who rarely uses Zoom or any other video calling platform, make sure you set up and test your account beforehand. There’s nothing worse than logging into your interview to find you have an unprofessional or silly profile picture that would be better suited to Instagram. Make sure you are proficient in using the platform and set up a professional picture beforehand. This will help you to make a great first impression and nail your remote job interview.

5. Show up on time.

There’s no excuse for being late when you don’t have to contend with traffic. Log on to your interview five minutes early to show that you are punctual and would make a good employee.

More Tips to Help You Nail Your Remote Job Interview

6. Dress up for the camera.

Don’t forget to present yourself in the same way as you would for an in-person interview. Choose a color that looks good on the camera. Also, be mindful of what pants or skirt you choose for the meeting as you might have to stand up during the interview.

7. Find a room with good lighting.

Before logging on to your interview, test out your lighting in the room in which you’ll be sitting. Make sure your face can be seen clearly, and there aren’t too many shadows to dull your image on the camera.

 8. Speak slowly.

We all tend to rush our words when we are nervous. Take a deep breath and speak clearly and slowly throughout your interview.

9. Look directly into the camera.

Just as you wouldn’t look down at your feet when talking to someone face-to-face, don’t do the same if you want to nail your remote job interview. Look directly at the camera to show how confident and sure of yourself you are.

10. Focus on positive body language.

Even more so than during an in-person interview, you’ll find that body language can completely control your remote job interview. Smile and sit up straight at all times to show your commitment and interest in the job.

By following these top ten tips to nail your remote interview, you’ll be sure to land the job of your dreams even when using this modern way of interviewing.

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