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Test Prep Reading Book for CASAS Reading STEPS Level C—Forms 625R & 626R


This reading textbook aligns with the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) for Adult Education. It satisfies the National Reporting System (NRS) and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) expectations, ensuring your ESL students are on the path to success.

With a structured layout of five units and one practice test, totaling 18 learner-centered reading lessons, your students will navigate essential topics like basic communication, consumer economics, community resources, health, employment, government, and law.  

Each lesson in the book is a stepping stone that equips ESL instructors with the strategies to teach reading effectively, focusing on important skills such as identifying main ideas, uncovering details, making inferences, summarizing content, applying knowledge, understanding the author’s perspective, and contextual vocabulary. 

The lessons’ clarity and depth will enable ESL teachers to deliver content that resonates with their students and solidifies their understanding.

Finally, this textbook isn’t just about reading—it’s about providing students with the academic and life skills they need to thrive. As they progress through the book, they’ll gain valuable insights and abilities to navigate the complexities of community life, family responsibilities, and work duties.   


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