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Teacher’s Manual: Learning & Study Guide for Adult Students


Learning & Study Guide for Adult Students

Bundle: Study Guide and Teacher’s Manual

A Must-Have Guide for Adult Ed Instructors

The teaching and learning guide presents 12 lessons designed to boost students’ study and learning skills. This teacher’s manual is intended to serve as a tool instructors can utilize to help students sharpen their learning and study skills and strategies. This manual offers guidance on the following lessons.


  • Why You Must Study Well To Succeed
  • Why You Must Know How To Learn Well

Lesson 1- Assessing Your Study and Learning Skills

Lesson 2- What Is Studying?

Lesson 3- What Is Learning?

Lesson 4- A Warning About Your Brain

Lesson 5- How To Control Your Brain

Lesson 6- A Warning About Technology

Lesson 7- How To Study

  • Part 1- Preparation
  • Part 2- During- Study Session
  • Part 3- Post-Study Session

Lesson 8- Know Yourself As A Learner

  • Part 1- Getting to Know Yourself As A Learner
  • Part 2- Study In Groups or Community

Lesson 9- How To Learn (In and Outside the Classroom)

Lesson 10- Test-Taking Secrets

  • Part 1-Preparation
  • Part 2-Taking a Test

Lesson 11- Learning Vs. Test-Taking Skills

Lesson 12- Be A Confident Learner

Conclusion and Overall Reflection



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