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Reading Notebook & Journal For Adult Students


Reading Notebook & Journal For Adult Students

Do your adult students struggle to take notes properly in your reading class? Do you want them to reflect on their reading performance? Do you wish they could study better, be more prepared in class and improve their reading skills? Well then, they need this notetaking tool.

Our brand new ‘Reading & Journal For Adult Students‘ has been designed to help adult learners take good notes, reflect on their reading performance, and plan their practice/reading time.

This notetaking tool features a total of 100 pages. Each page has been printed on high-quality white paper to ensure the best experience. In this notebook, learners will find a simple and effective four-page layout during their reading lessons and sessions.

This notebook allows learners to journal all the critical information and prepare for future reading lessons, so they are always a step ahead!

The notetaking guidelines are encased in a unique cover design and a large-scale, 8.5″ x 11″ size. So, what are you waiting for? No time to waste; scroll up and click the buy now button!


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