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Learning & Study Guide for Adult Students


Learning & Study Guide for Adult Students
A Must-Have Guide for GED, ESL, ABE, ASE, CTE, ITE, or HiSET Students

This teaching and learning guide presents 12 essential lessons designed to boost your study and learning skills. It offers the following lessons.

  • Why You Must Study Well To Succeed
  • Why You Must Know How To Learn Well

Lesson 1- Assessing Your Study and Learning Skills
Lesson 2- What Is Studying?
Lesson 3- What Is Learning?
Lesson 4- A Warning About Your Brain
Lesson 5- How To Control Your Brain
Lesson 6- A Warning About Technology
Lesson 7- How To Study

  • Part 1- Preparation
  • Part 2- During- Study Session
  • Part 3- Post-Study Session

Lesson 8- Know Yourself As A Learner

  • Part 1- Getting to Know Yourself As A Learner
  • Part 2- Study In Groups or Community

Lesson 9- How To Learn (In and Outside the Classroom)
Lesson 10- Test-Taking Secrets

  • Part 1-Preparation
  • Part 2-Take a Test

Lesson 11- Learning Vs. Test-Taking Skills
Lesson 12- Be A Confident Learner
Conclusion and Overall Reflection



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