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CASAS Test Prep Student Book for Math GOALS Form 918 M Level C/D


CASAS Math GOALS Student Textbook Form 918 M Level C/D

This CASAS Test Prep student math textbook is designed to help teachers prepare adult students for the CASAS Math GOALS Test Form 918 M Level C/D and for workforce and vocational training entrance math tests.

The content of this textbook is aligned with CASAS Competencies, with College and Career Readiness (CCR) and National Reporting System (NRS) standards and follows the CASAS GOALS Math Form 918 M test blueprint.

In other words, this math textbook presents learning activities that help adult education programs, workforce programs, and their adult students to meet the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) math expectations.

This CASAS test prep textbook offers Seven (7) main chapters that cover NRS, CASAS and CCR standards and content such as

★ Number and Operations

★ Operations and Algebraic Thinking

★ Number and Operations: Fractions

★ Measurement and Data

★ Geometry

★ Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

★ 2 Practice Tests and Answer Keys

It presents step-by-step instruction, plus practice exercises and answer keys, questions and tasks that encourage pair work, group work, and classroom discussion on math ideas and concepts- and real-world word problems and key concepts.

It offers two (2) practice tests that mimic the CASAS Math GOALS Form 918 M test format and rigor, plus answer keys.

The word problems presented in this book aim to

✓1) Make learners think more deeply about math structure and concepts and therefore improve their mathematical thinking skills,

✓2) Provide learners with hands-on tasks relevant to their situation,

✓3) Help learners connect their math learning with the real world,

✓4) Create opportunities for learners to read about, write about, and discuss math ideas and concepts

✓and 5) Invite learners to reflect on their learning.



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