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How to manage stress and anxiety during job interviews

There is no dearth of stress and tension in the Twenty-first Century. With competition on the rise, it is hard to keep up and remain important. But it is harder to keep your cool and sail through stressful situations to show your merit.

With such a thriving and talented youth, interviewers have leveled up to hire only the most meritorious individuals. But how to manage stress and anxiety during job interviews and show your mettle?

As Amelia Earhart had said, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” If you have previously faced anxiety and stress during job interviews, or are facing them before one, then the best decision is to work on how to eradicate them instead of losing at their hands.

Earl Williams’ Job Interview: How to best prepare for an Interview. How to get rid of stress and anxiety for interviews is a wonderful solution to the golden question ‘how to manage stress and anxiety during job interviews.’ The book depicts easy steps and solutions to controlling stress during job interviews and has a hundred questions and answers, making it easier for you to crack the interview.

More examples on How to manage stress and anxiety during job interviews

According to a telephonic survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College, out of 1002 American employees, 92% are stressed out by something in the job interview procedure, be it the employers’ questions (15%) or being underqualified for the job (11%). Therefore, it is not just overthinking on your part; it is a common human occurrence.

Here are some easy and straightforward tips on how to manage stress and anxiety for job interviews, especially if you have one around the corner.

  • Eat light before interviews, and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Don’t forget to check your smile before entering to avoid dental faux pas.
  • Never force yourself to calm down, accept your stress, and work around it.
  • Come prepared and with proper knowledge of the background of the company you are applying at.
  • Be on time, and do not forget to carry important documents.
  • Focus on your breathing and speak slowly, but as confidently as possible.
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