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How to Look Intellectual and Smarter

If someone tells you that you need to score 120 and above on a standardized IQ test to be and look smart, they are wrong!   

A person’s intelligence is not judged based only on their knowledge of a certain subject. Rather, their mannerisms, communication ability, good habits and body language also play significant roles in how intellectual and smart they look.  

So, here are ways to look smarter and more intellectual than most people:

Clear Communication: People who understand how to communicate clearly and effectively look and sound smart. This involves simple and concise vocabulary and command of the language. Flowery language and complex terms won’t necessarily make one sounds clever because people associate intelligence with simplicity. Speaking when required, with complete knowledge and understanding, is also a sign of intellect.

Avid Reading: Reading books helps to bolster your imagination, encourage empathy, and improve analytical thinking and communication. These are the core attributes of an intellectual mind. And regularly reading can help you develop and reinforce these attributes.

More Examples of How to Appear Intellectual and Smarter

Good eye contact: Smart people are thought to maintain good eye contact, are good listeners and are responsive to other people’s words and actions.   

Dressing up: Your clothes and appearance speak before you do; hence, it is essential to study your wardrobe carefully. People who wear semi-formal clothes like blazers, blouses, smart-looking shirts and trousers tend to appear more intelligent than others.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to look intellectual and smarter in each area of your life is vital. Read more and reevaluate your mannerisms, body language, as well as your fashion and communication styles. Doing so might help you feel more confident, respected, and smarter!

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